Welcome to the DigiSoft Innovations updates blog.  This is where you will find out the latest innovations and software releases from Digisoft Innovations.  

Updated the Gold Grail

Now after lying dormant for several years, we have been updating the Golden Grail and including the original artwork that was meant to have gone out in 2009.  Thanks to Brian Wiser, we now have a new Golden Grail CD Cover for those who wish to actually print their CD’s.

Added the Twilight II V.1.1 Feature Summary

We have now added the original 1993 Twilight II V.1.1 Feature Summary and order form. This form is for historical reference only and is not actively used.

Added Golden Orchard 1.0 Curio

We added a number of items from the initial release of Golden Orchard 1.0 for your enjoyment.  The original Flyer, CD artwork, and the release notes from version 1.0 are now available for download from the Golden Orchard 1.0 Curio page.

Apple IIgs CD Collection Now Available

The DigiSoft Innovations collection fo Apple IIgs Music Colection 1.0 is now available online for download.  5 CD's of various Apple IIgs tunes, the collection is the must have for the Apple IIgs collector.  All of the songs on the CD's are recorded at 96k and are perfect for playing in your iPod or on your website.  Be sure and get your copy today from the  Apple IIgs Music section.

Golden Grail Now Available

Golden Grail 1.0 is now available!!

DigiSoft Innovations is proud to announce the Golden Grail 1.0 archive.  Containing many applications and enhancements for the Apple IIgs, this is the must have item of 2009.   Check out  the Golden Grail page for more information and for download links

Golden Grail Coming Soon

The Golden Grail 1.0 which is an emulator ready version of the Golden Orchard CD is now in final production and will be available on the 12th of January 2009.  Produced over two years by Bill Martens and Jim Maricondo, the Golden Grail is the ultimate Apple IIgs collection of software. 600 plus megs of software and enhancements for the Apple IIgs are on this CD.  Stay Tuned for more information

Golden Orchard 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 now Freeware

The Golden Orchard CD's, version 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 are now available for free download from the DigiSoft Innovations website.  This decision was taken due to the fact that many years had passed since the CD's were available as a prime time product and we here at DigiSoft Innovations felt it was the right thing to release it to all for download.  Check out the Golden Orchard Page for more information

Twilight II Once Again Available

One of the most well known DigiSoft Innovations software packages is the Apple IIgs screen saver program, Twilight II.  Thanks to Bill Bredehoft and Bill Martens, the manual and disks have been scanned, imaged and restored.  Version 1.1 of the Twilight II software, the manual, and many of the modules are now available for download from the Twilight II section of this website.

Digisoft Innovations Website Back

The Digisoft Innovations website is now back online.  Home of Twilight II and The Golden Orchard, Digisoft Innovations is once again producing products for the Apple II series computers.  Stay tuned for future releases.

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